There are weddings where the bridal prep part of the day is a tense and stressed out time – and then there are weddings where the bride just laughs all the way though with excitement! This Yarlington House wedding was definitely one of the latter, which I think you can see from taking a quick glance at the images below! 

The bride carried out her bridal preparation at her parent’s family home before heading off to the village church to get married – and then onto the wonderful Yarlington House in Somerset for the celebrations! As you can tell, the entire house was taken over with the excitement and preparations, with the bride having hair and makeup in the lounge, the bridesmaids in the kitchen, and upstairs becoming the dressing area. As the church was literally a few steps away, it was easy for me as the wedding photographer to stay until the last moments before heading off for establishing shots of the final few guests arriving at church – and I’m so glad I was able to do this, for my favourite shots from this bridal prep are those of the bride tenderly helping with those pesky cravats. (I should really take a masterclass in tying cravats, it would come in SO handy on wedding days!)

I have great memories of this gorgeous Yarlington House wedding, and plenty more images to bring you from the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception afterwards… but I do like to start at the beginning, which is why I wanted to show you some of my favourite bridal prep images today. What a dress, by the way – and just WAIT until you see how fabulous the bride looked in it! Lacing the dress to sit to perfection was a tiny bit troublesome, though – as you can see from the image where we resorted to checking out images on the bride’s phone to make sure it was just right!

So let’s check out the set of my favourite bridal prep images – oh, and don’t forget to look out for some truly show stopping shoes! I do hope you enjoy these lovely images from a lovely, summery, Yarlington House wedding day.





Yarlington House Wedding : Bridal Preparation

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