This beautiful, outdoor woodland wedding which I recently photographed in Dorset just HAS to be one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had as a wedding photographer and one of my all-time favourite weddings. I feel absolutely so honoured to have been there to photograph this wonderful day.

The wedding took place at the bride’s family house in Moreton, Dorset, just a few miles outside Dorchester. I’d discussed the location with the bride and groom before the wedding day, but nothing had prepared me for just how beautiful and how special the setting was for the wedding ceremony. Taking a walk from the house across the rolling lawns, over the walkway over the lake, and into the woodland which stretched from thereon, I found a hushed silence in a perfectly magical clearing, where the couple had set out chairs, dressed the trees and put out candles for their guests to experience the moment where they were shortly to exchange vows as man and wife.

It’s moments like this that I am so glad that I’m a photographer, for words are simply not enough for me to be able to describe how lovely the setting is. In addition, knowing that these were the woodlands where the bride and her friends played as children added an extra dimension to the location. How extraordinary for she to be able to marry in this perfect place that holds so many special memories for her.

So, back to the wedding day itself, and I attended the bride’s preparations in her family home prior to photographing the ceremony itself. After the ceremony, the guests walked back to the house to a marquee reception, sat up on the hill overlooking those wonderful gardens and woodlands. I could hardly tear myself away from this beautiful Dorset wedding – and I’m fairly sure that I took more shots on this one day than I ever have at any other wedding! Everywhere I looked there was something wonderful to photograph and document.

So let’s bring you some previews from this magical day – and I truly hope you enjoy them. Of course, there will be many more images to come when I blog this wedding in full – so if you love the look of this lovely outdoor wedding day, make sure you keep an eye out for more in the weeks and months to come!




Woodland Wedding in Dorset : Preview Images

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