Weddings aren’t about dresses and favours and wonderful venues and colour themes. All that stuff is wonderful, but let’s not forget, weddings are really about people. Two people getting married, more people who love them being a part of their union and celebration. That’s the great gift to a documentary wedding photographer such as I, for the most important images to a bride and groom will be those of their loved ones who attended the wedding day.

That’s why this blog, of the reception of a beautiful West Somerset marquee wedding, isn’t about details and wonderful views and flowers and all that stuff. It’s about just some of the people that travelled to be with the couple and make their day so amazingly special. 

I can never tire of saying this, so apologies if you have heard it before, but don’t take up too much of your wedding day with formal photographs; particularly the ‘line ups’. Would you rather have photographs of the people you love with true expression, delight, joy and happiness, or endless photographs of your guests standing awkwardly in a row? Because it’s true that no matter how ‘informal’ the group shot, people will ALWAYS be more of themselves when photographed in a documentary style. That’s what make a great photograph – the fact that you can see the soul of that person shining through. And let’s face it, it’s a rare wedding group shot where that is ever going to happen.

Of course, I photograph couples’ portraits, and group shots, and just to prove it, I’ve included a few of them in this blog. But I wholeheartedly believe in keeping these short and sweet so that everyone can get on with enjoying their wedding day. If you’re planning a wedding, I can tell you one thing. That wedding day will go by so fast, you won’t want to waste a moment of it. So hang out with your loved ones, the ones that matter, and let your photographer get on with the business of photographing real moments and real emotion.

So take a look at this blog, and although you won’t know the people, I know you’ll feel their happiness at being a part of this lovely West Somerset marquee wedding. That’s what I photograph. I’m not REALLY a wedding photographer. I’m a happiness photographer. And there’s a BIG difference. 





West Somerset Marquee Wedding : The Celebrations

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