I love to revisit the photographs from this lovely wedding reception at Axnoller in Dorset – because it was just such a fabulous wedding to photograph! As you can see from the images below, the couple had a wonderful cultural mix of English & Chinese influences on their wedding day. Many of the guests travelled from Hong Kong to attend the wedding, and I’m sure they all felt that the long trip was utterly rewarded – not just by the emotional celebrations, but by the stunning location and setting.

This fabulous Axnoller wedding featured my first Chinese wedding ‘lion dance’ – an incredible spectacle for everyone at the wedding, and an important traditional element of Chinese weddings. As the bride and groom entered the wedding reception, they were greeted by the Chinese lion, to the beat of drums and gongs. The dance is a blessing bestowed upon the couple, where at the end, the bride and groom present the lion’s ‘payment’ inside a lucky red envelope; and the lion gifts the couple an inscribed scroll with a message for the newlyweds.

So what a wedding this was, in the sublime Dorset countryside that surrounds Axnoller House! Plus, we were treated to the most beautiful of sunsets, which displayed its beauty behind the top table during the wedding speeches (I know, it’s so pretty that it looks like a painting or CGI!)

So less talk from me, and let’s get to showing you all some of my truly favourite images from this lovely wedding reception at Axnoller in Dorset. By the way, if you like this wedding and would like to see more, you can also view their bridal prep blog in the beautiful surroundings of Axnoller House, and their wedding portrait blog, too. Enjoy!


Wedding Reception at Axnoller : The Celebrations

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