Sometimes, when planning your wedding decor and theme, whilst you of course want to make all the tables look wonderful, you might want to do something extra special for the top table or even just the bride and groom’s places. It could be that these extra-luxurious touches are outside of the budget of replicating for all the guests, or that you might just want to set your place settings as different to all the rest – like the groom and best man being given different buttonholes.

There aren’t any rules when it comes to dressing your wedding, so just go wild and think about what you would like to see at the bride and groom’s table. I personally love this table dressing which uses a beautiful rose wrapped in a linen napkin – so elegant, yet so luxurious. But, I’ve seen all kinds of things done for the bride and groom’s table dressing during my work as a wedding phoographer. Often, it’s their chairs which are given the uber-luxe treatment – being dressed in flowers, for example, or perhaps using different chairs to everyone else’s. Perhaps your table linen is a different colour or shade of your chosen colour to the rest. That’s even before we start to think about the floral arrangements on the table, and this is often where the differences are. Maybe you allocate more budget to the head table florals, so that the table looks extra special, with a greater proportion of your favourite blooms.

Here’s an idea which I’ve seen work very well at a couple of weddings, which you could always consider. You’ve probably heard it said time and again that the bride and groom don’t get much time to themselves on a wedding day. Why not drop the traditional idea of a ‘top table’ and have a small table, just for the bride and groom? You’ll get lots of time to enjoy the wedding breakfast and talk together privately, whilst you can always circulate between courses to make sure your guests are being taken care of, and to chat. Plus, you can really go to town on dressing up your tiny table for two to make it stand out as the centrepiece of the wedding breakfast decor!