When the groom is in the armed forces, then creating a wedding decor theme which incorporates his work and passion is a natural step – but making it look romantic and not too ‘boy’ could be a challenge! But, as you can see from this lovely wedding I shot last year at Coombe Lodge in Blagdon, North Somerset, it’s absolutely possible to create a beautiful wedding decor theme which not only includes classic aircraft – it also makes it look utterly elegant and truly inspirational.

This lovely wedding design used truly gorgeous golden aircraft models as table decor and combined this with beautiful floral design and soft, air force blue chiffon chair ties to bring together masculine and feminine into one lovely, coherent look. Against the elegant backdrop of the main ballroom at Coombe Lodge, this stylish look really came to life, and by using high floral table centrepieces, the flowers and the aeroplanes didn’t compete for table space or attention.

By adding in gorgeous, swirling calligraphy to tie the whole theme together, this is one of the most elegant and original wedding decor themes I’ve photographed recently, and I am a huge fan of the colour combinations! The dark blue paired with the rich gold of the models adds a really luxurious feel to the look. Plus, just because you choose blue as your signature colour, it doesn’t mean you have to use blue flowers, as shown so well in this wedding decor design. I’m not a huge fan of blue flowers for weddings, I have to say –  I might be very traditional, but for me flowers should be more girly! So, as you can see, no blue flowers here… and it works so well.

Even the wedding cake got a touch of the forces chic, dressed in its own smart ‘uniform’ with buttons down the front – but created in such a sympathetic and clever way that it feels more classic than novelty. Bravo to that cake maker for doing such a wonderful job!

So let’s take a look at some of my favourite images from the decor at this lovely Coombe Lodge wedding day – can you find any inspiration here for your own wedding, whether you’re in the armed forces or not?!