Back to Somerset again at Easter, for another wedding at Hornsbury Mill! This one was a rather special affair, for the couple actually live in Las Vegas – and had travelled back to England for their wedding. From one extreme to the other – the bright lights of LV to the quintessential English countryside!

Today, we’re going to take a look at the start of the wedding day at Hornsbury Mill; the bridal preparation (or should I say, the bride and groom preparation!). The couple were both getting ready at the venue prior to their outside ceremony by the lakeside, and so I had the opportunity to pop back and forth between them to capture a variety of different moments. As at many weddings, there was a little unexpected excitement, for the fire alarm went off before the bride was even in her wedding dress – courtesy of a guest leaving their hair straighteners on! Luckily, all was sorted out very efficiently; thankfully so, for a few more seconds and the bride and groom would have been standing outside in their dressing gowns!

I’m delighted to say that the rest of the wedding at Hornsbury Mill was carried off much more smoothly, and without any further hitches – well, apart from the one where they finally got hitched to each other, of course! The couple were an absolute delight to photograph, and some of my favourite images of the wedding day were from their couples photography – for they just laughed through the entire session, creating such beautiful, relaxed images that I really couldn’t wait to get them home and edit them!

But for now, let’s concentrate on the bridal prep – and here are a selection of images from that part of the wedding day at Hornsbury Mill. If you like these, then keep an eye out for further blogs detailing the rest of this lovely wedding day for two people VERY obviously besotted with each other!




Wedding at Hornsbury Mill : Bridal Preparation

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