The title of this blog post is a little misleading, for whilst I was certainly present at this beautiful wedding ceremony at Hanford School in Dorset, and I was the wedding photographer, I wasn’t allowed to photograph any of the ceremony!

Every vicar has their own rules regarding photography during a wedding ceremony, and as such it’s important for the couple to know the specific rules in their church so that there isn’t any disappointment on the day itself. I always discuss this with the couple prior to the wedding day in our pre wedding consultation, and whilst most vicars will allow some photography during a ceremony, in certain instances such as this one, there is no photography allowed at all from the moment the bride steps into church until after the blessing. This can be frustrating for a couple who of course want beautiful images to remember their wedding with, but the fact of the matter is that the church’s rules are there to be respected and upheld.

Even so, where a wedding ceremony cannot be photographed, there are still plenty of photographic opportunities surrounding the ceremony itself; so if you’re facing this issue, make sure your photographer is still in attendance! Not only will the photographer be able to document the excitement and buzz of your guests arriving – as well as the bride’s arrival, of course – there are also those lovely moments of joy and celebration in the moments after the ceremony. In addition, whilst the couple signed the register I was allowed to photograph the emotive singing provided by a very talented guest at the wedding.

This lovely wedding, which will feature on the blog again soon and showcase more of the post-wedding celebrations, was in a very special setting for the bride, as Hanford School was where she was educated. So, coming back with her friends and family to marry in the on-site church where she worshipped as a schoolgirl must have been particularly poignant. Hanford School has beautiful grounds and gorgeous views, and after the ceremony the guests celebrated in its wonderful Box Garden before moving to the marquee just a few steps away from the school building. 

But that’s all to come in future blog posts, so let’s take a look at the wedding ceremony photography that isn’t quite of the ceremony itself! And I promise you, make sure you come back to look at those future posts as this turned into one HECK of a party…..




Wedding Ceremony at Hanford School, Dorset

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