Does your first dance have a ‘lift’ in int? If it does, make sure that you practice it well, so that you can have this kind of look of joy on your face during the moment, rather than a look of terror!

This first dance image, photographed during a wedding at Clevedon Hall in Somerset, is one of my real favourites, purely due to the wonderful expression on the bride’s face! Photographing a first dance is always a little bit of pot luck; you never know what you’re going to be faced with until you come to the moment, so as a wedding photographer, you have to be quick on your feet and responsive to the changes – especially when it’s a fast paced dance.

Luckily, this super-organised couple had videoed their first dance practice prior to the wedding day and made time to show me it just prior to the evening reception beginning, so I had a better idea than normal about what was about to come – a great idea which I recommend all of you do if you have a special dance planned! The more information your wedding photographer has, the better prepared they can be to photograph your once-in-a-lifetime first dance, just how you imagined 🙂