So what do you do when you get home from a busy day at The Office (i.e. the wedding)? Do you pack away your cameras, edit your images, then forget about photography until you have your next gig? Or do you use those magical memory boxes to capture your own wonderful moments?

I would hazard a guess that we ALL got into photography as a job because we originally loved taking pictures for ourselves. It’s good to remind ourselves of that, and to do it regularly. Photography should never become a busman’s holiday for us, because we have a skill that so many people would love to have; the skill of being able to record amazing moments in a beautiful manner. If we’re not doing that for our own life and our own family, what the Dickens is wrong with us? 

If you have a talent, share it, and share it well. Make sure your children are photographed as much as possible, for (hackneyed saying on the way) they WILL grow up far faster than you think. Photograph your spouse, because you have something exceptional to celebrate. Photograph your friends at gatherings, photograph your pets, if you have them. Photograph yourself, if no-one else will. Because YOU are worth photographing, too, and there are people in your life that love you and will treasure those images in years to come.

The Fuji X-series cameras which I use have made documenting the wonder of family life much more accessible than before. After all, let’s face it – who is going to reach for a beast of a DSLR when their child does something charming? (I don’t mind telling you that I never bothered, because it was just too much of a hassle). Now I keep my X100F at hand as much as I can – and the portability, ease of use and sheer joy of having it in my hand means that I have been able to capture images of my son that I never dreamt of being able to do before…. or WANTING to do before.

If you want a look, I have them on their own website… yes, to embarrass him with one day. Why not create your own family website, too? Photography is a joy. Bring that joy back from the office and into your private life, too.

My Life In Fuji – feel welcome to take a look. It’s mostly a small child and occasionally a dog.