This gorgeous lady had her maternity portrait shoot recently with us – and came back to the studio today with her husband for her reveal session. It’s fortunate we’d arranged for today for her reveal – as she only just found out that she is going to be induced tomorrow!

Rosie absolutely loved the experience at the studio, although, like most women, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect at first! We gently guided her through the poses, which for a maternity shoot, are always gentle, with the client’s comfort as the first priority. And naturally, there were lots of rest breaks and nibbles on hand!

We photographed Rosie in this beautiful flowing maternity gown, which is part of our studio wardrobe, and then went on to create different looks with a bodywrap of purple tulle, and a ‘field of flowers’…. but for those, you’ll have to wait and see!

This image is one of Rosie’s favourites and really captures, for me, the magic and wonder of being pregnant. She’s already planning where to hang it on her wall – after the baby comes, of course!

We’ll be bringing you more shots from this maternity shoot in our portrait studio in due course; but for now, good luck tomorrow Rosie – we hope all goes well!