Today, I realised something. I shoot so many weddings with so many lovely details, and it’s never occurred to me before to dedicate blog posts to the styling of each individual wedding! Sure, I’ve picked out certain details from some to show you, but surely it’s better to show you how the whole look of a wedding hangs together? So I’m going to remedy that right now, and here we are with the first ‘details’ blog on the Inspiration section, from a gorgeous country marquee wedding in Symondsbury, Dorset.

This wedding is a great one to start off with when showcasing wedding details, as the bride is a graphic designer and so created the entire concept herself. Of course, not all of us are that talented, but if you’re like me, it’s great to get inspiration from those who are – and then go away and get someone else to make it! (I’m a big believer in sticking to your skill set, for me at least!).

So, what was particularly lovely about the details at this marquee wedding in Symondsbury? Well, to start with, everything was so carefully thought out and personalised. I know that many people are worried about the ‘wedding out of a box’ look, with their wedding day looking generically like everyone else’s. There was no chance of that at this wedding, for the bride had created so many personal touches, including the order of service sheets, the wedding day card to her new husband, and even his wedding day gift.

You might think that personalising everything, or getting everything made for you, might be prohibitively expensive – and yes, it probably might cost more than buying off the shelf, so to speak. But you can always save money in other areas of the wedding if needs be where no-one will notice. Look at the flowers used at this wedding – simple and loose cottage garden country displays, which the bride’s family made on the morning of the wedding. They fit perfectly into the rustic feel of the wedding decor and undoubtedly cost a lot less than using out of season flowers or getting large and complex table displays made up by a florist.

So, let’s get on to looking at just some of the details and decor from this lovely, rustic marquee wedding in Symondsbury. It’s such a beautiful part of Dorset that the wedding just HAD to look amazing to complete with the fabulous countryside and views outside… and boy, it certainly did that with style! I do hope you enjoy this and that it gives you some inspiration for your own wedding day!




Marquee Wedding in Symondsbury : Decor & Details

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