Increasingly this year, I’ve worked with a number of brides who either don’t want their bridal prep photographed, or would rather that I come in at the last moment to take a smaller number of shots, once the majority of the bridal prep has been carried out. This is a very personal choice, and can be for many reasons. Some people just don’t want pictures of themselves when they’re not looking ‘all done’, and some brides may feel that they may be too nervous to be photographed. Alternatively, some might want to keep this as a private family moment. Plus, I’m sure, there are many more reasons why you may not want your bridal prep (or the most part of it) photographed, and these will be as individual as you are.

But, before you entirely discount the idea of having your wedding photographer attend in the morning, why not think about the boys? What are THEY up to that might be fun to photograph? I’ve recently photographed several ‘ushers lunches’, where the male wedding party have gone out for lunch prior to the wedding. It might not be something that they have planned – but now would be the time to suggest it!

The boys sometimes get a bit of a rough deal when it comes to wedding photography, after all. The bride and her wedding party get all the limelight, and the lion’s share of the time in front of camera. Plus, having an usher’s lunch is a wonderful way for the guys to spend a little time together on the wedding day, prepare themselves for what’s to come, and very importantly, make sure they get something to eat before the long day ahead! An usher’s lunch is not only a great thing to photograph, it also gives the groom some additional memories to treasure of his wedding day. If I’m there to photograph it, I’ll be able to make sure they’re wearing napkins to keep their morning suits clean 🙂

A wedding day is much more than a ceremony, a wedding breakfast and a dance. It’s an entire experience from the moment you both open your eyes, to the moment you creep off the dancefloor late at night. There is so much to remember, to savour, to do and to enjoy. Your wedding photographer can be wherever you want, photograph whatever you want to remember, so be creative in using that time – and make sure you make lots of memories to photograph!