It’s been a while since I shared an inspiration post with you, so I’ve got some catching up to do – and where better to start than with this lovely Dorset wedding I photographed recently at Hanford School? 

Hanford School is a girl’s boarding school in the rural Dorset countryside, well known for the equestrian element to its curriculum – and as the bride was an ex-pupil, where better to start with the decor theme than with real saddle and riding boots as the centrepiece to the marquee?

As you can see from the images, the decor was also based around gorgeous blue hydrangeas, lavender and roses, with tables named after local Dorset beauty spots (of which, of course, there are many to choose from!). This beautiful marquee layout shows that you don’t need to fill the room with flowers to get a grand effect – just use selected showpiece blooms which speak for themselves.

When your wedding marquee is situated in a location as beautiful as rural Dorset, using a theme that complements what your guests can see outside works really well – don’t try and outdo nature, or else you’ll find it starts getting very expensive! A rural and rustic theme such as this one needs to feel a little wild and unkempt for it to work – so keep arrangements loose and don’t try and make it feel too constructed or over-thought. 

Finally – remember that decor for your wedding day should just be about what you love. It’s your wedding and so it should reflect your personality!