Hello and happy Sunday – I hope you’ve had a wonderful week! Here in Dorset, the weather has been AWESOME for the first part of the week… and decidedly iffy for the second half. It’s a typical British summer, is it not? That’s part of the charm of living here… you never know what you’re going to get! We can also be really old and say ‘oh, the rain is good for the garden’… and now I feel like my grandmother.

Back to wedding talk, and of course, the summer wedding season is in full swing, not just here in Dorset but all across the country. Have you been to any weddings this season – a friend’s, or a family wedding, perhaps? What trends and styles have you noticed? Perhaps you’ll see something familiar in one of the links I’ve listed below, of wedding ideas and trends featured on the web recently, which have caught my eye.

First of all, let’s go and take a look at Rock My Wedding and a very cool, very urban industrial style wedding day. I’m a big fan of the industrial look (and will say here, we were rocking the Edison bulbs and chunky metal light fittings at home LONG before it became a thing!) – and this wedding does urban industrial chic to a tee. Take a look and see what inspiration you might find here.. if not for your own wedding day, perhaps for your home!

Rob & Nick

Let’s now get a REAL dose of summer and head on over to the US site, Green Wedding Shoes, for this epic beach engagement shoot. How dreamy is this? If you fancy doing this yourselves, I’m up for it… we have GORGEOUS beaches here in Dorset for romantic wedding and engagement shoots, so don’t think you need to be in an exotic location to get the dream shoot! Yes, it might be a tad chillier if we get one of those not-so-sunny British summer days, but heck, you’ll have your other half to hang on to…

Sunset Engagement Photos in Laguna Beach

Finally, I’m going to head on over to Ruffled and show you some gorgeous and very unusual late summer wedding inspiration, with really unusual yet beautiful colour choices. I didn’t think I’d ever hear myself saying it, but this BLACK wedding cake is fabulous, and romantic rather than gothic! I love the deep tones of the wooden furniture too, which add a really dramatic and luxurious feel to the wedding decor. You’ll have to click on the link below to see what I’m talking about!

Summer Harvest Wedding Inspiration

So, that’s it for this week, I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look through my pick of the wedding web. See you back here soon… and in the meantime, happy wedding planning!