When it’s your wedding day, naturally you want the love and support of your family and friends around you. And that’s one of the primary jobs of a wedding photographer – to document this love amidst the chaos of the wedding celebrations.

At this particular wedding at Maunsel House in Somerset, I was fortunate enough to be able to spy and photograph this incredible bond between the bride and her sister, as they hugged for the first time after the wedding ceremony. It’s moments like this that truly make a wedding day, and these moments are the ones which will leave enduring emotional memories for people, long after the details of the wedding itself are a distant memory. 

However, images like this can be difficult to photograph, as the moments after the wedding ceremony are generally a heaving throng of people who are all keen to congratulate the bride and groom – meaning that special moments get lost amidst a crowd! This image was particularly challenging to photograph, as in addition, the bride had moved inside from her outdoor wedding to stand just inside a doorway, meaning that I had very little opportunity to move around and get a choice of angles. 

So, don’t forget. Make the most of every hug, every wonderful moment and congratulatory word after your wedding ceremony, because these are the moments that will truly live on in your memory for years and years to come. If you’re lucky, too, you’ll have some beautiful images to help jog that memory when you’re old and grey!