Photographing the first dance on a wedding day isn’t always an easy task. First of all, the bride and groom are often self conscious of all eyes upon them, meaning that the expressions are more of embarrassment than of delight! Added to that, unless I as a photographer have an elevated position to shoot from, getting the bride’s expression can sometimes be difficult when the floor is crowded, meaning that I can’t move around easily, and she’s hidden behind her taller husband.  And – there can often be distracting elements in the shot behind the wedding couple. All too often, the guests aren’t watching with delight; they’re looking at something else, or even committing the mortal sin of looking at their phones.

However, the first dance at a wedding is a critical moment in a bride and groom’s day, so it’s key to make sure that I get the very best shots I can of it. At this gorgeous wedding at Holbrook House just on the Somerset and Dorset border, the first dance offered up many lovely opportunities to photograph a young couple in love. As you can see, eyes don’t have to be open to show expression – far from it! I just love the feeling of peace and love that shines from this image. 

If you’re planning your first dance and getting photographs of it is important to you, then do allow the photographer time to work unhindered before you call your guests onto the dancefloor! And if you’re feeling a little self-conscious…. then just do what this bride did and close your eyes to enjoy the moment.