We wedding photographers get to see an awful lot of different wedding themes and wedding decor ideas during our work, and as such, it’s wonderful to be able to bring these ideas to you for inspiration for your own wedding day. The wedding venues I photograph at throughout Dorset and Somerset are truly varied – from the ultimate rustic barn setting, to glamorous Palladian elegance – and as such, the themes that wedding couples choose to offset their chosen wedding venue vary enormously.

One of the things I’ve noticed whilst photographing weddings is that one of the best ideas when choosing your wedding theme or decor is to take inspiration from the venue you’ve booked. After all, you chose the wedding venue because you loved it, correct? And if you dress it in keeping with the style of the venue and the accent colours that preside in the rooms you’ll be using… then you can’t go far wrong.

Take this beautiful wedding theme which I photographed recently at St Audries Park in West Somerset. As you can see, the ballroom where the wedding breakfast was held is light, airy, decorated in muted tones and with gorgeous golden chandeliers. That’s why the beautiful golden tones that the bride and groom chose for their wedding decor work so well. From the edible gold leaf on their wedding cake, to the delicate gold copperplate lettering they’ve chosen for their place cards… it all fits beautifully in the landscape of the room. Plus, the blush pink that they’ve added in the flowers and the stationery work perfectly with the gold tones.

Remember, it’s not just the colours you use that make a a difference; it’s also the way you use them. In this elegant ballroom, the decor is equally as elegant and refined in style. So it’s wise to think about the overall style of the venue when you’re designing your wedding decor. If your wedding is in a cool, industrial loft, for example, elegant copperplate lettering is going to look wildly out of place! But even then – a considered clash of styles can work, too, as long as it’s done really well.

So take a look at some of the images from the wedding decor at this St Audries wedding day and see what you think! I’ll be bringing you more wedding theme and style inspiration from more weddings I’ve photographed around Dorset and Somerset soon, so keep checking back!