Today’s blog is focusing on some of my favourite images from the most relaxed and informal part of the wedding day – the reception! This Crowcombe Court wedding reception, in beautiful West Somerset, was held in the winter, so naturally the guests didn’t want to wander outside to enjoy the gardens, glorious though they may be. Quite naturally, they much preferred to stay indoors and enjoy a celebratory drink or two by the roaring fire!

The wedding reception, particularly the afternoon reception straight after the ceremony, is always full of wonderful moments to photograph. People who haven’t seen each other for a long time greeting each other joyfully; hugs and kisses for the bride and groom; and if you’re lucky, children doing what children do best, making a little mischief! And even though the guests were minded to stay indoors at Crowcombe Court due to the cold weather, the beauty of the building on the inside meant the guests still had plenty to enjoy.

I’ve not included the evening reception in this blog, as there are so many dancefloor pictures that I’d like to share that I think they warrant a blog post of their very own!

So, let’s take a look at some of my favourite images from this gorgeous Somerset wedding day and a Crowcombe Court wedding reception. Enjoy – and if you liked this, why not have a look at the blog posts featuring the bridal prep and the wedding ceremony from the same Crowcombe Court wedding?





Crowcombe Court Wedding Reception : The Celebrations

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