Oh, wasn’t THIS a wonderful day to be a part of! My first time carrying out Crowcombe Court wedding photography – and I was certainly not disappointed, for it is a truly wonderful venue in an exceptionally beautiful location in Somerset. In fact, if you’re thinking of getting married, do me a huge favour and check out Crowcombe Court, because I’m dying to get back there!

I’ve got many wonderful wedding images to share with you from this gorgeous winter wedding day at Crowcombe Court, but I wanted to start where the day began – at the bridal prep. And yes, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know what I’m going to say now – that I LOVE photographing bridal prep, that it’s one of the best parts of a wedding day to get truly memorable, emotive images. Well, I only say it because it’s true – and because I want future brides to be able to look back on these special moments and share them with their family after their own weddings. Of course, it’s also wonderful when the setting lends itself so perfectly to beautiful photography, but even if you’re getting ready at home, don’t be put off from having bridal prep photography, because it’s magical wherever the setting. 

Winter weddings, such as this one at Crowcombe Court, are becoming more and more popular, and in future blogs of this wedding day I’ll go through some of the things you need to think about if you’re planning your own winter wedding (and it’s more than just remembering thermal underwear!). From a photographic perspective, there’s absolutely no reason why your images shouldn’t be as special and as beautiful as a wedding held in any other reason – for let’s face it, in Britain the weather does what it wants all year round! This wedding was particularly lovely as the church where the couple married was literally at the end of the drive to Crowcombe Court, which meant that the bride and her bridesmaids were able to walk to the church, with the gorgeous Court as the backdrop. Yes, I was a happy photographer.

So let’s crack on with some of my favourite images from the bridal prep – I do hope you enjoy them. Looking back, I’m remembering afresh how much I loved photographing this beautiful wedding day…





Crowcombe Court Wedding Photography : Bridal Prep

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