For modern marriages, not every bride wears a veil – but when they do, it’s always an impressive sight! Today’s Image of the Day comes from a recent wedding I photographed at the stunning St Audries Park in West Somerset, where I was fortunate enough to be allowed to photograph the bridal preparations. 

The veil is naturally the last item that the bride puts on before leaving for the wedding ceremony, so this is a great opportunity to photograph the bride in her last moments before getting married, perfectly dressed and made up. If I’m extra lucky, I can find an angle where I can capture the bride’s expression, have minimal distractions in the shot, and get some of that beautiful veil in the image, too…. and for this wedding day, the image I managed to capture worked out perfectly on all counts. 

I absolutely love the look of concentration on the bride’s face as her hairdresser puts those final pins into place – and the arch of those beautiful eyebrows tell a story all by themselves! 

Are you planning to wear a veil for your wedding day? If so, here are a few suggestions that I’ve picked up from the many weddings I’ve photographed. Firstly, when you have your veil put in, make sure your maid of honour (or another nominated bridesmaid) is shown how the veil fixes in…. because inevitably at some point during the day, it will need resecuring, or at the very least taken out competently without spoiling your hairstyle! Secondly, if you’re going for a cathedral length veil and are planning to wear it all day long, an easy way to carry it after the wedding ceremony without it being constantly stepped upon is by looping it loosely over your arm. You might, of course, want to take it out when you sit down to the wedding breakfast, as many brides do, because it can just start getting in the way after a while! And finally… if you’d like a special image taken with your veil ‘flying’, then make sure you let your photographer know. Even if it’s not a windy day, then with a handy assistant, we can always give it some lift and show it off to best effect!